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Why should SAP and Oracle consultants consider a career move into Microsoft Dynamics AX?


Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX was first sold in 1998 under the name Axapta, and since then it has been sold and implemented in a number of mid-tier enterprise markets. However, up until now, other ERP software such as SAP and Oracle has always dominated the market, meaning that Microsoft Dynamics AX has always been considered to be the ERP software lurking in the shadows. But now all this is due to change. For a number of years, Microsoft have been taking considerable steps to ensure that Dynamics AX is ready to compete against SAP and Oracle in multinational enterprise markets. Now, all the hard work that Microsoft have put into Dynamics AX is coming to fruition. This means that now is a great time for SAP and Oracle consultants to consider a career move into Microsoft Dynamics AX. Here are the reasons why this career move should be considered:

 Organizations are now viewing SAP and Oracle in a different light

Microsoft have ensured that the functionality of Dynamics AX is no longer just on par with SAP and Oracle, but is actually more functional than them in a number of different ways. For example, Dynamics AX is now considered to be far easier and cheaper for businesses to implement, which has resulted in many clients now.
p   erceiving SAP and Oracle to be expensive, complex and cumbersome pieces of software.
·         The other major reason why organizations are viewing SAP and Oracle in a different light is because most of them already use other Microsoft products such as Outlook, Office, Excel and Powerpoint. This means that Microsoft Dynamics AX gives users a ‘familiar experience’, which a lot of organizations appreciate as it means that the software is easier to adopt—which in turn helps to drive efficiencies. This changing perception of SAP and Oracle is a fantastic reason why a career move into Dynamics AX is a great idea.

Dynamics AX is at the beginning of a huge growth curve

Within a twenty-page review released in June this year, Gartner the American information technology and advisory firm, stated that they considered Microsoft Dynamics AX to be a “leader” and “innovator” in the ERP software field. This was largely due to the functionality and scalability of Microsoft Dynamics AX.
Reviews like this really do suggest that Dynamics AX is evolving and is at the beginning of a large growth curve, perhaps where SAP and Oracle were a decade ago. Because of reviews like the one mentioned above, and the fact that Dynamics AX is bound to undergo exponential growth, it is extremely likely that Dynamics AX is going to be the upgrade of choice for many industry leaders.

There’s a lack of experienced Dynamics AX ERP consultants

The lack of experienced ERP consultants that have successfully implemented Microsoft Dynamics AX at enterprise level is a huge challenge for Microsoft. However, this means that there is a real demand for Dynamics AX consultants. Thus, there is a real opportunity for SAP, Oracle, JDE and Baan consultants, to use the undoubted emergence of Dynamics AX and to join the ‘upper end’ of the Dynamics channel and enjoy another decade of unrelenting demand.
All of the above are great reasons why if you’re a SAP or Oracle consultant you should consider a career move into Dynamics AX.
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